South-Eastern Bulgaria is the Fastest-Growing Region in the Country for 2016

Southern Bulgaria is responsible for about 75% of the country’s goods and services growth for 2016, with Stara Zagora being the faster-growing industrial city in Bulgaria for that year.

According to a report by, Bulgaria’s capital of Sofia is responsible for 40% of the country’s GDP, with most of that being in the services industry. As mentioned above, Stara Zagora is the fastest-growing economic center in the country, with 19% increase in GDP for 2016.

The South-East regions are noting serious economic growth, contrasted by the rather stalling economy of the North-Western parts of Bulgaria. The situation there is so bad that some citizens want for the area to separate from Bulgaria altogether and join Romania. The South-Western region has a small 3.5% growth in 2016 compared to 2015.

Things may be looking up for the economy, as the EPSC Claims the Economic Crisis Has Passed.

Alex Dimchev

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