The Parents of the 14-Year-Old Roma Kid Accused of Murder Give Their Side of the Story

The parents of Deniz Zhivkov, the 14-year-old Roma boy accused of murdering a homeless man, spoke to the mainstream media in Bulgaria, giving their side of the story. Earlier this week, Deniz and 3 other children were reported to have taken part in the brutal beating and murder of a 53-year-old homeless person in Varna, Bulgaria.

Deniz’s mother Albena Zhivkova commented that he is a very good and obedient child who rarely skipped school or misbehaved. A claim disputed by the authorities who say the kid was involved in fights prior to the murder. Deniz’s father made similar comments, saying: “I can’t explain how this happened. My son is very good.” He added: “They [the authorities] are speaking against my son because he’s Roma.” The father also said that Deniz wasn’t aggressive towards older people, and in fact spent some of his spare time assisting the elderly.

The details of the murder are odd. According to the police, Deniz and his 3 friends beat up the homeless man while recording the deed with a phone in order to recreate a scene from a movie. It’s unknown which movie, but there’s an eerily similar scene in the film “A Clockwork Orange” that depicts 4 young delinquents viciously assaulting an old homeless person. But that’s speculation on the part of the writer of this article.

During the interviews with Bulgarian TV, Deniz’s mother claims her son was immersed in violent video games and movies. Both parents are describing Deniz’s lifestyle to be somewhat middle-class and normal. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a seemingly decent kid with little prior warning committed a horrifying act of violence due to social alienation or parental neglect.

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