Pleven, Bulgaria is Building a new Shelter for stray dogs

The Municipality of Pleven has opened a new project for the establishment of a new dog pen on the place of the old veterinary clinic.
The problem with stray dogs is growing in Pleven. According to the town’s mayor Georg Spartanski, every day signals about people who have been bitten by stray dogs are received in the municipality. This has forced the local government to open a project for the establishment of a new shelter for stray dogs. If the project is successful, the cases of people attacked by strays on the street should radically diminish.
The project has already received five entries. Three of them have been refused, since they do not cover the project’s recommendations. Soon the municipality will choose one of the two projects and work on it should begin. The chosen company will have to build a dog shelter on the place of the old veterinary clinic. This includes renovating the building, supplying equipment and creating conditions of life for the animals in full accordance with EU law. For now, only a small centre for dealing with strays exists, where animals are being castrated, cleaned for parasites and released if they have not been deemed dangerous for the people.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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