The Story of Sara- The Bulgarian Hachiko

The story of the loyal dog Sara circulated the Sofian social media circle. The pooch was compared to the famous Hachiko, the famous canine that patiently waited for his dead owner for 9 years. Sara’s master collapsed while he was walking her in the park. The man was driven to the hospital by an ambulance, leaving Sara alone. The loyal dog has spent months in waiting for the ambulance to return.

Its unknown what happened to Sara’s master, but he hasn’t returned to take her back, sparking speculation that he may have passed away. Several kindly people tried to house the faithful pooch, but she always escaped, wanting to return to the site where she probably thinks her master will come. Whenever an ambulance like the one that took away Sara’s human passes, the dog tries to chase and wail at it, probably hoping to get the attention of a man that’s not there. Hopefully, if the owner is alive and able, Sara will be picked up.

While waiting for that moment, Sara will stay at the park.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for

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