Over 300,000 Transactions Missing from the National Excise Registry in Bulgaria

For the last six months, more than 300,000 transactions are missing from the National Excise Registry in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Excise Centralized Informational System (BECIS) has been compromised and just for the last six month, more than 300,000 transitions are missing from it. Through the deleted registries, grey economy is stimulated as there are no other existing records of trade with fuel. Andrei Delchev from the Bulgarian Petrol and Gas association brought the problem before Bulgarian media.

According to Delchev, the system has been faulty since its inception. That is why since 2013, his association has been sending many signals towards the responsible institutions with warnings that it is quite easy to compromise the system and edit its records. The usual answer they would receive would be “There is nothing wrong with the system”, even though the system can be easily accessed and manipulated by customs agents and IT support specialists. It was not before they warned the Prosecution of the system’s vulnerability that a check by the National Security Agency was ordered and their presumptions proved true.

Andrei Delchev added that the problem does not hide in the faulty system, but in the people who approved it. A few people can be blamed, but none of them have yet taken responsibility. According to a report shared by the Minister of Finances Vladislav Goranov, the system has been rid of faults for some time now, but the approved authorization measures will not be taken until April 2018. This means that in the next few months, information may keep on mysteriously vanishing from the BECIS costing the country hundreds of millions in tax losses.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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