Government Housing Fraud in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

A family from Stara Zagora owns four government housing apartments in a single apartment complex and the grandson of the family is applying for a fifth one.

In the apartment complex number 56 in the “Tri Chuchura - South” neighbourhood of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria a family owns four different apartments in the government housing project, while the grandson of the family is applying for a fifth one. This is in complete contradiction with the both juridical and moral law, but has been allowed to happen and similar stories have been happening all over town. According to Yanko Yankov from the temporary municipal commission, this is either the product of serious overlooking of documentation or personal protection ensured by the decision makers in the municipality.

After a thorough investigation of the 60 apartments, part of the governmental housing project in Apartment Complex 56, 15 owners have been forced to vacate their apartments due to improper documentation. Yankov personally blames the deputy mayor Krasimira Chahova for not performing her obligations towards the control of municipal property. Yankov later added that as soon as the checks started by the commission are finished, he will personally demand the resignations of the responsible people.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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