The Municipality of Balchik Takes Serious Measures Against Stray Dogs

The local government in Balchik has opened a project worth almost 70,000 BGN (€35,000) for dealing with stray dogs.

In Bulgaria, stray dogs are not a rarity. Often times, there will be huge packs of them, especially in the smaller towns. The local government in Balchik has decided to put their strays under control and for the purpose, they have opened a new project worth 69,000 BGN (€34,500). The money should be used for the capture, castrating, vaccinating, cleaning and protecting animals from parasites, and marking an following them. The aggressive dogs should be put in kennels.

The municipality of Balchik will keep the project open for proposals until January 25, 2018, when the project with the lowest price will be picked. The project is a welcomed decision, as uncontrolled populations of stray dogs may become violent and attack people on the street, causing serious injuries and sometimes death.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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