Mother Sues a Bulgarian Hospital for 130,000 Leva After an Elevator Incident

The Sofian University Hospital “Maichin Dom” was sued for the sum of 130,000 leva due to an elevator incident that happened on its grounds in 2010.

In 2010, a woman staying in the maternity ward in the hospital was inside an elevator when it malfunctioned, falling into its shaft. During the fall, the woman broke her legs. The incident was bad in itself, but the fact that the victim was pregnant made it much worse, as she had to give birth to her twin babies prematurely. She wasn’t the only person in the lift, - there were 12 people inside, 8 of whom were injured and 6 of those were pregnant women.

According to the hospital, the victims of the incident were at fault, as the recommended limit of 6 people was exceeded by 6 more. The court didn’t accept that explanation, judging that the hospital was entirely at fault for using a damaged elevator.  The injured mother will be compensated with 130,000 leva in damages.

In May of last year, the same hospital was sued for 50,000 leva, a decision that they appealed by the institution.

Alex Dimchev

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