Youngster stole 150 Kilograms from an Artificial Lake in Bulgaria

Two boys aged 15 and 20 from the Bulgarian village Hadzhiite stole 150 kg of fish from an artificial lake near Karnobat.

On the night of January 3 about 150 kilograms of carp had been stolen from an artificial lake near the village Hadzhiite, in the municipality of Karnobat. After an investigation had been conducted by the police force in Karnobat, two young men – the 20-year-old S.H. and his friend the 15-year-old E.A. have been arrested. Both of them are from the village Hazdhiite and have admitted to the accusations. The prosecution has opened a case on the matter. The material assessment of the theft is about 1,000 BGN (€500).

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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