Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Wants the New Ski Lift as Soon as Possible

The Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister - Valeri Simeonov, who got particularly famous for shutting down a club and confiscating DJ equipment at Sunny Beach, has now come forward with a strong opinion about the second ski lift in Bansko. Simeonov promised to supervise the construction of the second lift and to press the company to work faster. "I hope that within two years we'd be able to brag with our new lift", he added. The Deputy PM also promised to engage in the evironmental aspect of the situation and make sure that nothing  goes out of hand. 

Addressing the environmentalists' speculation that 48% of the protected areas in Pirin are going to be under construction, Simeonov mocked the claim, reporting that none of the companies are willing to touch even 8% of the national park. He explained that despite the efforts of the "greens" to prove that there is no guarantee for what will happen, the only insurance needed is that of the law. According to the Minister this won't end in Pirin - winter tourism needs to develop and locations such as Chepelare, Vitosha, the Rhodopa mountain are next. 

Simeonov wasn't particularly happy with the protests that took place yesterday during Bulgaria's inaguration as the President of the Council of the EU. He deems them as an attempt to cause scandal, conflict and tension. "The matters addressed are matters of our interior politics," he explained. Yesterday there were 9 protest in Sofia. 

(Picture taken from: http://news.bnt.bg/bg )  

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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