More Serious Measures against Careless Drivers on Bulgarian Roads

The new lines implemented in Bulgarian traffic law will lead to a more severe punishment for careless drivers.

In Bulgaria, the number of control points removed from the driver’s license after an unallowed overtaking has been increased from 8 to 10. This way, the maximum amount of 39 control points will be depleted after 4 violations instead of 5. It has also been decided that the fine for driving against traffic will be increased to 1,000 BGN (€500) and 3 month revoking of the driver’s license, in case of a repeated offence, the fine goes up to 4,000 BGN (€2,000) and six months without a driver’s licence. In both cases, re-education of the driver and repeated testing may be required for the driver to restore their licence.

In all cases, where the driver has lost all of their control points, re-education will be in order. After the tests have been successfully passed, the driver will receive 1/3 of their control points back (13). Still, this can happen only once a year. Control points will also be fully restored two years after the last violation has been registered. This way, drivers will be forced to drive carefully for at least two years, if they want to retain their driving privileges.

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