Massive Lavender theft in Dobrich, Bulgaria may threaten the Planned rose oil Distillery

Lavender theft has been on the rise near Dobrich, Bulgaria, as more than 70,000 plants have been stolen in the past month and a half.

For almost two months, the police in Dobrich have registered series of lavender thefts in the region. According to a press release, thefts in the villages Zmeevo, Kapinovo, Zheglartzi, Senokos and Slaveevo have reached 70,000 missing plants. In the beginning of January, another theft, near the village Bogdan left a field 22,000 plants short. The police are conducting an investigation on the matter, in order to stop the rising plant thefts.

The stolen plants, from the sort “Sevastopolis”, are used for the extraction of etheric oils for the cosmetics industry. Since there is a shortage of lavender seeds in the region, the plants fall prey to thefts and are later either re-sold on the market, or their seeds are harvested and the plants disposed of. These thefts may create troubles for the planned rose oil distillery in the region. As it was previously reported, the establishement of a new Rose Oil Distillery has been planned in the vilalge of Slaveevo. The distillery will also extract etheric oils from lavender and salvia.

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