Contraband Cigarettes Worth €400,000 Confiscated near Pleven, Bulgaria

Bulgarian policemen made a rather large bust of cigarette contraband near Pleven. Large quantities of cigarettes were confiscated.

Smoking out the smokers

The contraband of cigarettes without excise stamps is pretty developed in Bulgaria. People here love their smokes and the selling of counterfeit brands by stores is quite common. A 42-year-old man and a 44-year-old woman from the small town of Knezha in the Pleven Province of Bulgaria took part in that trade.

Luckily, the police caught them and confiscated a large shipment of unexcised cigarettes – 248 crates containing 124,000 packs with an alleged street value of 880,000 leva. The court in Pleven took up the prosecution and the arrested due will be held legally accountable.

The scope of smuggling tobacco products in Bulgaria is huge. Recently, 52 million contraband cigarettes had to be burned by Bulgarian Customs Agents. The police often make similar busts, but the industry is simply too well-developed for them to make a dent.

Alex Dimchev

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