Precedent in the History of the Bulgarian court as the Identity of the Biological Parents of an Adopted Person has been Revealed

For the first time in the history of the Bulgarian court, an adopted person has managed to persuade the court to reveal the identity of his biological parents.

Since the year of 2009, adopted children of the age 16 and above may request the court to reveal the identity of their biological parents for imperative reasons. For the last nine years, 12 such cases have entered court, but now, for the first time in the history of Bulgaria, the court has ruled in favour of the adopted. This sets a precedent in Bulgarian law and may be used in further cases by other adopted people who wish to reveal the identities of their biological parents.

The successful case is a man from Dobrich, Bulgaria. He requested this information from the court, as he fell victim to a chronic disease and needed more information about his genetic predisposition to diseases in order to better protect his health. The court ruled in favour of the man as the family’s medical history can be of great use in the preservation of health, especially tacking into account the latest developments in the study of genetics and the technological advancements which allow us to read the genome better than ever before.

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