Deputy Chief of Bulgarian Parliament: I would support a vote of no confidence

Drugstore mogul Veselin Mareshki, currently the deputy chief of the Bulgarian Parliament, and his party "VOLYA" (meaning "WILL") came out with a statement to express their lack of trust in the government. Of course, Mareshki's "VOLYA" was one of parties that helped GERB form a government (we would like to remind you that GERB won the parliamentary elections with a plurality and not a majority). So this statement comes as a surprise, given that for his support Mareshki was granted the position of deputy chief of Parliament. 

Mareshki claims he would support and even initiate a vote of no confidence in the government. Among his concerns are political scandals, murders and governmental injustices. In his interview with Nova TV, Mareshki expressed his opinions on the other party in the government - the United Patriots. "They are abusing such a beautiful word," he said. According to Mareshki Bulgaria is the poorest and most corrupt country in the EU and the decrease in foreign investments means that our partners are seeing that as well.

He believes that one of the most controversial figures in Bulgarian politics - Delyan Peevski is in support of the current government. Mareshki sees that as a clear sign that the government has got to go. He then shared his thoughts on Valeri Simeonov's  Sunny Beach visit. "It was low. Filthy PR". Mareshki claims to have visited Sunny Beach the next day and everything was back to normal. But it was a successful PR campaign that made Simeonov look like the number one authority on fighting sound polution. 

On the other hand, government representitives said they aren't afraid of Mareshki or his actions, because they have the counter-arguments to fight his accusations. The juridical reform, the economic growth, increase in wages and pensions. The government reckons there is more to be achieved, but it's been just a little over 100 days. 

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Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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