Kalin Mitrev’s Future Will Be Decided Today

Kalin Mitrev, the man pointed as the Blgarian link in the Azerbaijani money laundering scandal will be discussed at today’s meeting of the Ministry of Finances.

As it was earlier reported by EU Scoop, Kalin Mitrev has been pointed as the Bulgarian link in the Azerbaijani money laundering scandal, where almost $3 billion have been transferred to journalists, politicians and influential individuals in all over the world in order to improve the political standing of Azerbaijani president Ilhan Aliev.

Kalin Mitrev had received $425,000 from a shell company, which according to him was for consulting services supplied to the Azerbaijani government on a project for reinforcing the banks of rivers Kura and Aras. Further on, Mitrev, who is the Bulgarian representative at ERBD, has proclaimed that this is an attack against his family and an attempt to dirt the name of his wife Irina Bokova, who is the director-general of UNESCO.

Today, on a regular meeting of the Ministry of Finances, the Azerbaijani scandal will be discussed. This includes discussing the possibility of Mitrev’s involvement in the scandal, Bulgaria’s stance on the matter and a discussion of Mitrev’s future as a representative of the ERBD.

(Picture taken from: bnr.bg)

Bozhidar Lazarov

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