Bulgarian Government Releases Additional Six Million BGN for Carers

The Bulgarian Ministry of Labour and Social Politics will release 6 million BGN additional funding for carers. The money will be shared between participating municipalities on a special scheme developed by the ministry.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Labour and Social Politics will release over 6 million BGN additional funding on the programme “Independent Life”. The money comes from unutilized financing by municipalities which have not sent their application during the extended period.

The extended deadline was set for the 23 municipalities which did not send their applications during the first three application periods. After the final deadline – 09.05.2016, twenty municipalities have submitted their projects, where only Suhindol, Kovachevtzi and Pancharevo (Sofia) have not applied.

The “Independent Life” programme offers government funding for health service and personal carers extended towards people with disabilities. Until now, many municipalities have complained from insufficient funding based on the municipal territory, covered population and the low level of satisfaction of the people’s social needs.

At the moment, 248 municipalities have signed contracts on commutative value of 121 400 810, 10 BGN. Now, 25 other municipalities will share 12 534 164,99 BGN by the “Independent Life” programme. The controlling body of Operational Programme ”Development of Human Resources” will share the additional 6 million BGN funding between the municipalities based on the number of people with disabilities in each municipality, the number of people who have declared need of social servicing and percentage of fulfilled social care requests.

The municipalities, in their roles as beneficiaries on the contracts decided on their own who will be approved to work as a social carer and the criteria they have to cover to get the position. The local governing bodies are also responsible for conducting their own research on the social needs of the population and supplying of needed services.

(Picture taken from: globalhealthprofessionals.co.uk)

Bozhidar Lazarov

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