The Bulgarian Representative at EBRD involved in a Money Laundering Scandal

The Guardian” has released a journalistic piece, connecting the Bulgarian representative at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to a huge money laundering scandal in Azerbaijan.

The British periodical has shared an article which involves Kalin Mitrev, the Bulgarian representative in the EBRD in a huge Azerbaijani money laundering scandal. The sum in question is almost $3 billion, which have been used to secure bribes and payments to different people and organizations in order to stabilize the position of the Azerbaijani government in both local and international space.

It is added that 800,000 dollars have been directed towards Bulgaria. Slightly above half of the sum, exactly $425,000 has been transferred to the account of Kalin Mitrev. The payment has been made through a series of shell companies registered in the United Kingdom, which, according to documents, belong to a refugee from Nagorni Karabah.

This is one of the biggest scandals to have hit European public space and, if proven right, will unravel a huge system for money laundering and bribery, which has not had a precedent in recent history.

Kalin Mitrev has commented on the situation before Bulgarian media. He claims that the payment was made for consulting services towards the Azerbaijani government on their project to build defences on the rivers Kura and Aras, in order to prevent the periodic floods happening there. When question why exactly him, he answered that the government of Azerbaijan contacted him, since he has had considerable experience in working on big-scale financial projects.

In further defence, Mitrev points that the current “scandal” is just an attempt to ruin the name of his family and is an indirect attack towards his wife Irina Bokova, who is the director-general of UNESCO. He adds that all of the money he received in this project has been deposited to official accounts with the according taxes paid. Where did the company transfer the money from was not something that he had control over, neither was he informed of the channels used.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Finances has issued an official statement by the Minister of Finances, Vladislav Goranov, saying that the information revealed by the media has deeply worried him and the matter will be discussed in the next official meeting of the Ministry, which will take place this Thursday.

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