Bulgarian Healthcare Minister talks About Reforms

In an interview for the Bulgarian National Television, the Minister of Healthcare Nicolay Petrov has shared his view on the coming changes to the healthcare system and has given news on the expected improvements of work conditions for doctors and other medical workers.

The Minister of Healthcare Nicolay Petrov has shared his comment on the coming changes to the healthcare system. First he commented on the coming change to the hospital board of directors. Until now, the board was composed of five members, but the number will be lowered to three. The board will now include the director of the hospital, a key staff member and a representative of the Ministry of Healthcare. The change has come in order to cut financial spending and improve the board’s quality of work, by lowering the chance of disagreement between the members, thus ensuring faster decision making.

Minister Petrov shared that this will not be the only change coming to the hospital management. By a good example from privately ran healthcare centres and working together with currently employed doctors, the Minister will create a unified basic standard under which all of the hospitals will operate. This includes payments, tracking overtime, lowering the payment differential between directors and staff members, control over deals, a standard for purchase of medicinal products and supplies, and other rules. The standard should be developed before the end of the year and implemented as soon as possible to ensure the stabilization of endangered hospitals.

The Minister of Healthcare also shared news on changes coming to the safety of healthcare workers. There have been many cases of healthcare workers being attacked at their work place and this is a problem which will be addressed. The previous government introduced panic buttons for the healthcare workers and now, a modernized and more complicated system will be put in place, which will include direct vocal communication to further increase the feeling of safety in dangerous situations. Minister Petrov also added that the emergency units are exposed the highest amount of danger and measures ensuring their safety are a priority for his mandate.

In a side talk, the Minister of Healthcare urged citizen to be more responsible when contacting the emergency services when requesting an ambulance. The emergency units all over the country are in limited numbers and when a call is made for a problem, which does not require immediate attention or fast transport to a hospital, the callers take a chance away from someone who might be in real peril. Much like in the case from a few weeks ago, when a woman died in the centre of Sofia while waiting for an emergency unit to become available.

(Picture taken from: mh.government.bg)

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