Bulgarian Minister of External Affairs Does not Oppose NATO Military Presence in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Minister of External Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva has announced that she does not oppose the establishment of a NATO military base on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

NATO is a union of peace and stability, not a union of warmongers. These were the words of the Bulgarian Minister of External Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva about the Atlantic union. According to her, establishing a base of NATO on the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea is not needed at the moment, but it would greatly benefit the country’s security and the safety of its people.

Zaharieva added that objectively speaking, Bulgaria is an external border of NATO and as such, military presence is needed on it. She quoted the words of the president of the Atlantic Club Solomon Pasi, who said that a nautic NATO military base is needed in Bulgaria. To further back her position, she pointed to the times of turmoil the people live in. The situation with North Korea, North Africa and the Middle East is escalating to dangerous levels and NATO can protect Bulgaria in case things get out of hand.

Ekaterina Zaharieva also commented on the relations between Bulgaria and Russia. She said that Bulgaria supported the EU and its partners’ sanctions towards Russia, but they were not aimed towards the country, but towards certain individuals in it. She further added that Bulgaria has to be careful with decisions considering external policies to keep good relations with all sides of the conflict. Her last words considered the position of Bulgaria as an emissary of Russia in the EU. She said that Bulgaria should not be an emissary of anyone else, but itself.

(Picture taken from: focus-news.net)

Bozhidar Lazarov

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