Kosovo is Not Lost for the Serbians, Alexander Vuchich Says

The Serbian president Alexander Vuchich has said that Kosovo is not completely lost to Serbia. Not a single decision concerning Kosovo can be taken without the agreement of Serbia and that is why Kosovo is not completely lost.

Since the year of 2008 when Kosovo separated itself from Serbia, the political situation in the region has been quite tense. All the sides in this conflict believe that they are in the right which makes negotiations that much more difficult. Still, Serbian president Alexander Vuchich says that the dialogue held with Kosovo has shown results. The people now have a clear understanding of the situation in Kosovo and Metohia, which brings them one step closer to finding a solution.

Vuchich also added that Serbia has not completely lost Kosovo. Serbia still has the last word on all the matters concerning Kosovo and its external policies, which gives them some control over the territory. Vuchich added that he is ready to suffer through tough negotiations in order to reach a satisfying conclusion so the children of the future will not have to deal with this situation. When asked what a “satisfying conclusion” means, he said that there is no way that Albania will get everything and Serbia will lose everything. He will keep on working towards an acceptable solution until one is found.

Vuchich also discussed the rumors of Kosovo joining NATO and what will it take for him to agree to it. He answered that at the moment it is impossible for Kosovo to join NATO without the agreement of Serbia, but Serbia will never recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

(Picture taken from: osnetdaily.com)

Bozhidar Lazarov

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