Former Bulgarian Minister of Exterior Speaks on North Korea

One of Bulgaria's  former Ministers of Exterior Solomon Passy gave an interview for NovaTV and expressed his deep concerns about the rhetoric used by DPRK officials in their statements. Passy believes that North Korea's threats should not be taken lightly. North Korea has been more and more successful in their rocket tests and an eventual war with them would lead to a world-wide conflict of unimaginable proportions. Passy also pointed out to modern weapons as another source of his concerns. He then reminded that Seoul is near the North Korean border and there is no way to be sure that a military attack from the U.S would be able to preserve the South Korean capital. 

Passy is also not sure what would happen, should there be war between Pyongyang and Washington. It is highly likely that China would get involved and no one can tell how exactly, because historically China has been in favor of Kim Chen Un's regime. As an only solution to the problem Passy mentioned the willigness of the North Korean people to prosper. If they want to prosper and change, then the world would be able to communicate with them, provide them information. Passy believes that Europe is in debt of the working North Korean citizen, as many of the European states have experienced totalitarian forms of government as well.  

He then criticized the USA's isolationism, claiming that its isolation harms the whole West. He said that a huge flaw in Juncker's speech was omitting the U.S and proposed that a diplomatic bureau of the EU should be established in each of the 50 states. A major problem for Americans, Passy added, is that they do not travel. Only 40% of Americans have an international passport and there is no statistic to point as to how often they use it. Europeans travel much more and have a broader perspective on the world. 

Solomon Isaac Passy is the son of the most prominent Bulgarian philosopher - Isaac Passy and former Minister of Exterior, during the government of Tsar Simeon Sachscoburgotski. He was one of the most active figures around Bulgaria's entry into NATO. 

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Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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