The Mixed Toll System in Bulgaria

Currently people are paying a road tax by buying "vignettes". The price of a vignette is 97 BGN (50 Euro) and it allgedly goes to state-owned companies, responsible for building and renovating roads. This, however, does not please the Bulgarian citizens, according to a survey from 2015. Many people believe that the high road tax cannot be justified, given the roads people get to use. That's why the government has announced a public procurement on toll roads. The procurement is currently ongoing and it is considered that by 2019 Bulgaria will have it's first toll roads ready for use. This will not exclude the general road tax, though. The only change will be the format in which it will be issued. Svetoslav Glosov from the Agency for Road Infratructure said that the state will be issuing "e-vignettes" - the price will remain the same. 

Glosov also commented on the prospect of a daily road tax and admitted that such thing is currently in the talks. However, the price won't be the standard price divided by 365. There will be a slight difference - probably a few cents. The "e-vignette" will be active for full 12 months, regardless of when it was bought. No receipts will be issued, instead traffic cameras and cameras attached to police vehicles will scan the license plates of cars and compare them to the data base of the toll system. E-vignettes will be available only for cars weighing up to 3,5 metric tons. Glosov also expressed disebelief that there will be checkpoints with barriers, where one would have to pay. People are going to be able to pay at gas stations along the road. On the question whether or not that will cause huge queues at the cashier's desk Glosov answered that truck drivers now pay at border checkpoints and that is the real problem. A system allowing to pay at any given gas station will surely decrease the time wasted in waiting in line. He also added that the system would allow for a driver to pay in advance for more than one trip. 

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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