Serbia has No Plans for Joining NATO

The Serbian president Alexander Vuchich has announced that Serbia does not plan on joining NATO or any other militaristic organization in the foreseeable future.

The head of the Serbian state also added that Serbia plans on keeping military neutrality and that Belgrade’s policy on the matter will not change soon.

This statement comes after series of media provocations claiming that Serbia will make a union with one of the leading militaristic forces. It was speculated that the country will join NATO, Russia or some other martial powerhouse. Belgrade’s reluctance towards joining NATO is understandable, as the memory of the NATO bombings in 1999 is still very much alive with the country’s residents.

Joining a military union is a dangerous step for Serbia, since the country is caught in a cross-fire of geo-political interests and any step towards either side can be considered a direct sign of aggression towards the other. This will put much more politico-economical strain on the country, than the policy of neutrality does and, apparently, as long as it is fruitful, neutrality will be kept.

If it were to be put down to a referendum, it was not clear which side would win, with roughly equal support for and against joining NATO.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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