Bulgaria to fight the demographic crisis by drawing in Bulgarians from the former USSR

During a meeting with representatives of various employer organisations deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov discussed strategies to bring back Bulgarian working force into the country. The entire meeting was in fact, devoted to finding practical solutions to the demographic crisis at hand. Simeonov said that one of solutions would be bringing back people from Bulgarian minorities in former Soviet republics.

When asked whether or not this policy includes attracting Bulgarian experts, residing in Western Europe, Simeonov answered that the Act, currently in the works, will try to attract people from all countries and all markets. He also reminded that apart from Bulgarian minorities in Moldova and Ukraine, there are Buglarians in Kazakhstan as well. In fact, bringing back people from abroad is only one of the three major strategies proposed by Simeonov. The other two are - drawing back experts who have studied in Bulgaria, but have migrated, and of course aiming for higher birth rates.

According to Simeonov there is a shortage of about 4000 people in the IT sector. He reckons that there is an overall shortage of highly qualified staff in many fields. He also stated that a calculation has been made and the newest policy of the Borisov administration would not cost much money, however, Simeonov could not point to any solid numbers and is not sure how many Bulgarians would in fact come back. He did point out that at least 300 Buglarian students, residing in Ukraine are coming to Bulgaria to start university. He expressed his satisfaction with the fact that many young people from Bulgarian descent are coming for summer jobs. This is only possible because of a new Act that allows for foreigners to easily find seasonal jobs in Bulgaria. 

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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