The Director of the Bulgarian Fund for the Treatment of Children has Been Fired

The director of the Bulgarian Fund for the Treatment of Children has been released from duty. Even though this happened on September 11, 2017 additional information has been released.

The director of the Bulgarian Fund for the Treatment of Children Tinka Troeva has been released from duty. On September 11, 2017 Troeva has been summoned to the Ministry of Health, where she was presented with a letter of resignation. This has stirred some commotion in the Bulgarian community, but now, the Minister of Health Nikolay Petrov has shared additional information on the case.

According to Nikolay Petrov, the Fund for Treatment of Children has performed some serious breaches of rules over the last few months. The latest case, which attracted his attention and finally made him release Troeva from her position, was a child in need of a liver transplant. In Germany, the sum of 10 thousand euros was spent only on examinations, which the child had already passed in Bulgaria. Also, none of the Bulgarian specialists in transplantations had been contacted about the case. Directly shipping the case over border is, on the least, financially unbeneficial for the fund and the Bulgarian taxpayers.

Nikolay Petrov has also hinted a suspicion of disloyal practices by both the fund and the German doctors. According to him, the western hospitals offer a different set of prices for Germans and Bulgarians, when inquired on the topic, German doctors have shared differing opinions. The fund’s ex director Troeva said that she will only comment the situation after a consultation with her lawyer.

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