Police Will Ensure the Safety of Bicyclists During the Bulgarian International Tour

The Bulgarian ministry of internal affairs has published a statement that the police will directly oversee the safety of bicyclists during the Bulgarian international Bicycle Tour. The tour will take place between 2nd and 9th of September. The official start will be given on the 3rd of September in Sofia on the national assembly square. From there, the bicyclists will travel to Troyan, Svishtov, Elena, Ivaylovgrad, Stara Zagora and the tour will finish in Plovdiv.

The police will block the roads on which the bicyclists will travel one hour before their arrival and all access will be denied to motor vehicles. To ensure the comfort of drivers and locals, the police will give out extensive information on the roads which will be blocked and the time they will remain inaccessible a few days before the tour reaches the town.

This is the sixty-sixth annual international Bicycle Tour of Bulgaria. It is organized by the Bulgarian bicyclist union and the local municipalities of the settlements involved. It includes a full tour of both North and South Bulgaria for professional cyclists who cover the organization’s requirements. It is open to single participants and national teams alike.

(Picture taken from: Duvine.com )

Bozhidar Lazarov

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