Minister of Justice sets the MOJ's priorities straight. Socialists react.

During a press-conference on the priorities of the Ministry of Justice, Minister Tsetska Tsacheva assured that there will be measures ensuring a rule by which the SA and the SA's office can be subject to investigation, if one is needed. This comes as no surprise in light of current events and discussions about a major juridical reform and the expected appointment of a committee against corruption on high administrative levels. 

When talking about the measure the Minister clarified that there is no interest in investigating the current State Attorney. There is, however, no existing law or rule that allows such an investigation. The current SA is in fact a person of interest in the investigation about the bankrupcy of the Corporate Commercial Bank. Former bank director Tsvetan Vasilev has turned to the U.S Government for help. There is a possibility that SA Tsatsarov might be brought to court under the Magnitsky Act of 2012. 

Minister Tsacheva didn't fail to mention the infamous juridical reform, which will directly influence the day-to-day life in the MOJ.
In addition she expressed her opinion that a unitary committee for fighting corruption among high state officials will be situated around the Commission for withdrawal of criminal assets. The Commission will thereby receive further funding from the government, a new chairman of the Commission will be appointed by the Parliament. 

This of course wasn't welcomed by the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party - Korneliya Ninova. On the recent assembly of the party and its supporters on Mount Buzludzha Ninova suggested that an anti-corruption committee should be appointed entirely by a non-partisan institution - for instance - the President's office. The revolves around the fact that President Radev's campaign was supported by the Socialists. This creates a conflict of interest. Since the governing party (GERB) won the elections with a plurality and not a majority it is safe to say that the task of appointing a chairman to the infamous commitee is indeed something for the Parliament to do. It will leave an open floor for discussion. A committee that answers to the President and nobody else will end up being not a Committee against corruption, but a shield for proponents of the President's office.  

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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