Tomislav Donchev on "Dunarit": There are exceptions that have to be made in the name of national security

After the military factory "Dunarit" in Ruse, Bulgaria was threatened to lose it's license, it is now getting nationalized. Deputy PM Donchev commented that the only important aspect of this situation is the fate of the workers.

"We are talking about 1300 people and their families. Must the government remain indifferent?," he asked.  

The Bulgarian state has set out to pay all of "Dunarit"s debts and that is completely legal. It is a matter of national security. 
According to Donchev ownership of the company is a trivial matter. 

He then mentioned the visit of French President Macron and said that the message was clear: France is willing to help Bulgaria enter Schengen and adopt the Euro. 

On the government's intitiave of bringing children back to school Donchev had a firm opinion. He pointed out that it isn't only children from minority groups, who skip or don't attend class - some parents won't let their kids to school because they can't afford clothing and books, some "liberal" parents allow their children to skip class, because they "are bored with school".

Budgets for schools will be recalculated and the way money is given to different schools will be reconsidered. Donchev believes that a teacher, teaching at a language or a math school has to be highly qualified. The same applies to teachers who work with children with difficulties. A new merit for rewarding teachers should also be considered, according to the Deputy PM. 

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Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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