Kavarna municipality wants a detailed financial plan on compensations.

Local authorities in Kavarna issued a report on the Kaliakra case. In the report it is mentioned that 230 hectares of fertile land are affected. According to publicly known information the ban inclued 2501 properties, marked as urban areas, from which 2187 are private. 

The Kavarna municipality published the list with all of the properties that fall under Natura 2000 protection so that people in doubt could check if their land is also included in the ban. Also an official statement was issued by the side opposing the order of the Minister of Environment. They claim that no representatives will be sent to the meetings in Sofia until there is concrete proof that therea are indeed ponto-sarmatic steppes in the region.
Kavarna's local administration has therefore sent and official letter to MoE Neno Dimov, requiring materials on all of the initial research in the Kaliakra complex as well as GPS-data and a detailed financial plan on compensation.
What does that mean? 
Since Prime Minister Borisov, Deputy PM Simeonov and MoE Dimov took it upon themselves to find a way of compensating all the stakeholders in the situation, mayor of Kavarna - Nina Stavreva has now asked for a detailed explanation as to how will this happen.
She commented that this plan is key to solving the problem and will only help local authorities to work on optimal solutions to the ongoing situation. 

(Picture taken from: www.dobrudjabg.com )

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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