Why is the government filing a report against "Tsankov kamak" in the State Attorney's Office?

The infamous "Tsankov Kamak" dam is again subject to a broad discussion - citizens and politicians alike are drawn to the newest "scandal" involving the dam. The governing party GERB filed a report in the SAO thereby demanding an investigation into the matter. 
The entire facility cost around 1 billion BGN (rouhly 511 million Euro) plus 240 million BGN (122 milion Euro) for the road leading to the facility. 

The Bulgarian Socialists and the Movement for Rights and Liberties had an imidiate reaction that went as far as Socialist leader Kornelia Ninova threatening to sue the people trying to link her or her party to the case. Prime Minister Borisov explained that the report isn't meant to point fingers, but to ask questions. Questions like - who was responsible for supervising the project? Why is a costly investment like that not working, why did the dam's wall crack? Borisov believes it's only natural that the two parties would react as fast as they did, as the initial payments and projects were part of their previous term in office. 

The Premier said it's disgraceful that the dam isn't working, especially now in the summer. He points to the dam as one of the many unsuccessful projects his government inherited from previous cabinets. However, the Socialists are still trying to admit to their mistakes and renounce any semblance of guilt.

"The two parties on the defense are trying to throw fake news at us" claimed Borisov. "They want to show that they are capable of running the country and that we are not." 
The previous scandal surrounding the facility was back in 2010 when allegdly politicians received money to act as professional consultants, but those allegations were quickly dismissed and proven untrue. 

(Picture taken from: en.wikipedia.org)

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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