The traffic police are now handing pamphlets to foreign drivers crossing the country

Starting today the traffic police will be handing info-pamphlets to drivers passing throug the country. The idea is to make people familiar with newest changes to the Road Traffic Act and fines for the violators. They will be available in Bulgarian, German, Turkish and English. 

On the pamphlets there are also pro tips like buying a vignette sticker, keeping your lights on even during the day, having your seatbelt on and staying aware of additional signs and warnings on the road. There is also a list of all of the ongoing campaigns of the traffic police.
The flyers will be initially handled at the busiest border checkpoints in Bulgaria - Kalotina, Kulata, Makasa and Danube bridge. This was announced by Rossen Rapchev - chief inspector for "Control over road traffic".

Rapchev explained that the pamphlets are an amaizing precautionary measure, especially during the summer, when traffic is at it's peak. He added that further information given by the flyers is the proper use of the emergency lane on the highway, fines for giving the car to unlicensed drivers, as well as the newest sanctions regarding DUI-violations. 
These include stripping away of the license plates, and temporarily banning the car from moving. 
However, Rapchev says that the largest group ot perpetrators are truck drivers. They don't take warning signs and bans into account. 
Currently some trucks are forbidden to drive on the highway - the main criterion of course is the weight of the load they're carrying.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs hopes this will minimize the number of violations. Drivers will be given the pamphlets during the compulsory pasport check at the customs. When getting their passport back they will also be getting the information flyers. Only at the Kalotina checkpoint there are 100 000 flyers. The boss of the checkpoint says that only last sunday over 40 000 people used this particular point to enter our country. Further staff is being appointed as predicitons are that traffc through the checkpoint will get much more intense. 

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Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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