Ax Robbery in Botevgrad, Bulgaria

A tech store was robbed in Botevgrad. The thieves entered by smashing up the store’s windows with axes. The whole ordeal happened quickly and at the dead of night.

The Great Ax Robbery

The crime was reported by The tech store had large glass windows, which were smashed up so the 7 robbers could gain access. The whole “operation” lasted several minutes and happened around 2 am. The security firm that guards the store received a signal of the break-in at 2:45 am. The thieves reportedly took tablets, phones, and other small devices. The operation was recorded by the store’s surveillance systems.

When the security arrived, the ax robbers were gone. The police were also present at the spot soon after. According to some reports, the glass windows of the shop were broken before. In 2016, 30 laptops were stolen from the shop after a similar robbery. An organized crime group from Sofia is speculated to be responsible for the latest break-in.

Alex Dimchev

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