Expert Claims There's an Increase in Driving Under the Influence of More Than One Drug

With the decrease of the social stigma surrounding drugs, the Bulgarian police have also marked an increase in drugged driving. An expert in the field claims the there's an increase in driving under the influence of more than one illegal substance.

Drugging and Driving

Docent Vasil Atanasov from the Military Medical Academy spoke about the issue in a recent seminar: “Methamphetamines are second after the use of marijuana. The tendency for the presence of more than one narcotic substance increases. Heroin almost disappeared in recent years, being replaced by methadone, which isn’t covered by the drug tests for drivers.”

Atanasov also added that “The tests on the road are made to check the driver in a short period of time. The test is made to give a positive result if there was substance abuse in the recent 36-48 hours.” He also added that drugs tend to stay within the user’s system for a lot longer than alcohol.

In other drug news, a dealer was arrested for pushing 4 different types of drugs.

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