The Bulgarian Good Luck Charm “Martenitza” has Become part of UNESCO’s list of Humanity’s Protected Cultural Heritage

The traditional Bulgarian charm “Martenitza” has become part of UNESCO’s list of humanity’s protected cultural heritage.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Culture has announced that the Bulgarian charm “Martenitza” has been added to UNESCO’s list of humanity’s protected cultural heritage. This presents a great admission to Bulgaria’s cultural heritage and is a sign of the world turning its eyes towards the country’s history and ancient traditions.

The “Martenitza” is a good luck charm weaved from intertwined white and red strings. It can either come in the form of an accessory such as a bracelet or necklace, or as a pair of small dolls named “Pijo” and “Penda”. Bulgarians put on the lucky charm on March 1 and wear it until they see a stork, swallow, blossomed tree or another symbol of the coming spring.

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