Gypsy Imam Accused of Spreading Radical Islam in Bulgaria Walks After 7500 Leva Bail

The imam Ahmed Musa, who was accused of spreading radical Islam, was released from jail after his 7500 leva bail was paid. Musa received a warm welcome from his family and supporters once he exited the courtroom. He denied all charges and dismissed all accusation against him.

Ahmed Musa free again

In front of BTV, Musa denied the claim he was a terrorist, saying that he was accused of extreme religious fundamentalism, which was also a “hypothesis” by the Bulgarian court. The imam preached in the gypsy ghetto in Pazardzhik. Musa was arrested and bailed out before, with similar charges of spreading anti-democratic ideology and religious hatred. The Roma imam was charged and sentenced to two years in prison but repealed on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

On his way out of court, Musa was asked whether he ever met anyone from Islamic State to which he replied: “There hasn’t been an Islamic State for the last 1400 years.”

The case of Ahmed Musa has been the most prominent investigation into the spread of radical Islam within Bulgaria’s growing demographic of Muslims and shrinking Christian group.

(Source - BTV news)

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