Free Kindergarten For the Children in Knezha

No more tax for enrolling your child in kindergarten in Knezha, Bulgaria. Of course, someone will still have to pay for the kindergartens. Reportedly, the resources for the tax removal were secured by the district saving up on garbage disposal.

Taxes for Kindergarten and Nurseries Slashed

The District Council took a unanimous decision to remove the taxes for child care. Knezha has 5 kindergartens and 500 children as attendants. The new tax removal will also include the added bonus of free food for the children. The story was reported by

This will cost the district around 100,000 leva, around 1900 for children in kindergarten and 1200 for kids in nurseries. This may be good news for the children at Knezha, as recently the Ministry of Education reported a major correlation between attending kindergarten and success in school. 4-graders that were taken care of by kindergartens had higher results.


Alex Dimchev

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