Contraband Wars: Bulgartabac Strikes Back

After former Minister of Justice and leader of the "Yes, Bulgaria" movement - Hristo Ivanov attacked Bulgartabac in a letter to the Bulgarian authorities, a public discussion started on how the company works, for whom it works and can it be held responsible. Of course, representatives of Bulgartabac were fast to respond to Ivanov's allegations by explaining that Bulgartabac is a public enterprise and is subject to regular check-ups (more than once a year). 

As if Ivanov's accusations of contraband weren't enough, "Yes, Bulgaria" activists stormed the headquarters of Bulgartabac and vandalized the company's logo by putting a sticker on it. Of course, things like that work both ways - that's why today Bulgartabac workers decided to protest in front of "Yes, Bulgaria"s headquarters in Sofia among other locations.

Some workers said that the protest was spontaneous while others admitted that they've been told that their factory in Blagoevgrad might get shut down. However, information from the inside leaked, claiming that there are some workers who are "in on the protest" - exactly one in ten. These workers were responsible for the other 9 and had to ensure their presence at the protests. 

The slogans that the protesters held said "We don't take part in contraband" and "We earn our money with hard work". Many of Bulgartabac's employees accuse Hristo Ivanov and Ivo Prokopiev (owner of "Kapital" and "Dvenvnik" ) of trying to undermine the company's reputation because of their own political aspirations. 

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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