Albania has Successfully Received the first care Package from Bulgaria

As it was previously reported by EuScoop, Bulgaria is sending humanitarian aid to Albania in order to help the country cope with the recent floods.

Thousands of families have become victims of the recent floods in Albania. Many people have lost home and property to the rising waters with the numbers just going up. More than 30 bridges have collapsed, which has made evacuation from the dangerous parts of the country more difficult. The southern parts of Albania are still suffering from the disaster, which has left damages for years to come.

Albania has successfully received the first Bulgarian care package. It contains tents, mattresses, blankets, first aid kits and other items of emergency need. Another delivery is expected to soon arrive in Tirana, Albania. Even though the weather is still quite tough, local authority has managed to organize transport and deliver supplies to the emergency centres in haste.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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