4-Graders Who Visit Kindergarten Do Much Better in School, Study Finds

According to the Ministry of Education, the 4th-graders who visited kindergarten were much smarter than their peers who didn’t.

The ME cited a recent study done by the PIRLS Center, which specializes in surveying student achievements. The study reported a direct correlation between kindergarten and later results in school. The scores of the children with pre-school education were 53 points higher than the kid who never went to kindergarten. 

The study used reading tests for scientific and fiction texts. PIRLS ‘s test measured performance with points – the highest level was 625, the high level 550. The kids in Bulgaria managed to do pretty well, with more than half getting on the “high” level of the spectrum, and every fifth reaching high. Only 5% of the 4th graders who were tested didn’t pass the “low” mark of 400 points.

The study concludes that socio-economical factors can predict academic results. Children that read often, had their own room, access to the Internet, and at least one parent with higher education did significantly better (117 points more) than the children who lacked those luxuries.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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