Former Deputy Prime Minister Criticizes the Current Government

Former Minister of Finance and Deputy PM Simeon Dyankov shared his opinions on the current government and its policies in an interview this morning. Dyankov refrained from being too judgemental on subjects outside of his expertise but did not hold back when it came to financial problems Bulgaria may face in the future.

His first criticism was directed towards the Bulgarian Socialist Party that is bringing the budget for 2018 to the Constitutional Court. He called this move "feeble child's play". You can read why the BSP decided to refer to the CC here. Dyankov assumed that by the end of 2018 Bulgaria may reach a 5% economic growth or additional 5-7 billion BGN(€2.5-3.5 billion). "This is more money than we now give for all of our education," he claimed. 

Dyankov reckoned that we are at a start of a good economic cycle but just words won't cut it - it has to be utilized. "Everybody is saying it's been a good year. That's true but only in some of the big cities, the rest of Bulgaria does not experience the same progress," the ex-minister added. He said that no matter how many new highways the government builds, they won't bring back the Bulgarians who have opted for an education or a job abroad. Dyankov stressed that it is important to concentrate on regional development and the regions that are losing the most people. Right now these are Razgrad, Vidin, Vratza, Pleven, Lovech. He explained that highways are good but stimulating regional economic growth is the most important thing to do. 



Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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