Bulgarian Driving Schools Massively Produce Unprepared Drivers

A Big driving school from Sofia, Bulgaria has spoken before local media on the disloyal practices of some of their competitors, which produce unprepared drivers.

A big driving school in Sofia, Bulgaria spoke before local media about the disloyal practices of some of their competitors, which produce, as described by the agency, “Murderers”. Young drivers are often unprepared and have not passed the needed curriculum before they receive a mark of approval. The reason for this comment are the “Christmas Offers” which some driving schools have. According to the anonymous agency, these schools cut the cost of the course in half, but they also proportionally cut the student’s driving hours. They would often sign under documents which claim a 4-5 hour driving session had taken place, when, in reality, it was not more than 1-2 hours. This way, young drivers only get a practice of 10-15 hours, instead the mandated by law 31.

In order for some driving schools to quickly amass capital, they would reduce vital training. The students rarely get to drive on wet roads, in the snow, during rush hour or on a highway. This poses direct danger to them and everyone around them, as the stress and difficulty of driving change according to the conditions. During the last week, there have been two big traffic accidents caused by the reckless driving of people in their late teens and early twenties. One of the accidents happened because the youngsters were driving with 220km/h in a residential area. This way, through the greed of a few, unprepared and irresponsible people are allowed to become drivers and subsequently, murderers.

(Picture taken from: puterea.ro)

Bozhidar Lazarov

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