The Municipality of Sofia, Bulgaria Donates books to Local Libraries and Schools

The municipality of Sofia, Bulgaria will donate over 200 titles to local libraries and school as a token of appreciation for the care and upbringing of the capital’s children.

The Deputy Mayor of Sofia, Todor Chobanov will hand in a donation of over 200 book titles for children and teenagers written by Bulgarian and foreign writers. The collection will include some of the most beloved works for children, international classics and national fairytales. Beneficiaries of the donation will be the Capital Library, House of Culture “Iskar”, the children’s workshop at the Regional Historical Museum and a selection of local schools.

Through this donation, the local authority hopes to prove its appreciation towards the local cultural institutions. During 2017 many campaigns have taken place to motivate children to read more and learn more about the world surrounding them. Such campaigns help develop children’s curiosity and mold the next generation in the right shape. Through their actions, these institutions have helped improve the upbringing of the capital’s children.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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