Man Runs Over a 10-year-old Child and Gets Beat Up by The Family

A jeep driver ran over a 10-year-old girl and was subsequently beaten up by the family of the victim.

Tragic Traffic Incident Followed by Street Justice

While the mother and the girl were walking near the Gypsy district of the village Purvenets, a jeep ran over the child, killing her on the spot. The mother fell into a state of shock and had to be transported to a hospital by an ambulance.

The relatives of the deceased child attacked and beat up the killer. The police arrived to investigate both the crash and the subsequent assault. One of the attackers is already located. The identity of those involved remains unknown, but it’s possible that the victim and her family were Roma.

Bulgarians have many clichés and anecdotes for jeep drivers, as they oftentimes cause road accidents due to reckless driving. The wealthier citizens of the country tend to favor expensive and large cars and oftentimes think of road regulations are polite suggestions. The roads of Bulgaria are full of similar bizarre auto-accidents. Recently, the village of Staro Oryahovo saw the death of a young man who drove into a horse.

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