Brexit-Related Open Letter Urges PM Boyko Borisov to Protect Bulgarian Expats in the UK

The organization “Bulgarian Manifest for Europe” wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, urging for the protection of the Bulgarian community in Britain during the Brexit negotiations. According to the letter, the process may end up with an unfavorable outcome for the Bulgarians who work and live in the UK.

The future of Bulgarians after Brexit

The letter was presented by the diplomat Stefan Tafrov from “Yes Bulgaria” and the Member of the European Parliament Svetoslav Malinov. Here are the demands:

  1. Preserving the jurisdiction of the European Court concerning the European citizens into Britain for the next 15 years after Brexit.
  2. The agreement for the rights of Europeans in Britain should create an “independent institution” – what was described in front of the European Parliament as an “ombudsman” position that would see to it that the agreements for the rights of European citizens with a “settled status” are kept.
  3. Easing the procedure for acquiring a “settled status.”
  4. Last, but not least, since it's entirely up to the Bulgarian National Assembly, we urge for the majority to plan the necessary change to the Electoral codex to guarantee the voting rights of the Bulgarian citizens in the UK.

The “Manifest for Europe” claim that the Bulgarians who worked in Britain’s grey sector must be protected by the state. According to some reports, there up to 100 thousand Bulgarian workers in the United Kingdom.


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