Man from Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria sent to court for Repeatedly Raping his 12 year-old Daughter

From January 2015 until August 2016 the life of a girl from Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria was turned into hell, as her father, through the use of threats and force, raped her multiple times.

The court in Veliko Turnovo has charged Dimo P. from a village near Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria for, through the use of threats and force, having had multiple intercourses with his 12-year-old daughter. It all began in January 2015 when the man first forced his daughter to have sex with him. This would go on, sometimes as often as five times a month. In prior years, he had been incarcerated for theft. After serving his sentence, the man had become violent and abusive towards his family.

It was not uncommon for him to raise his fist against them completely unprovoked. Such a reaction his daughter feared, if she did not give into his cravings. Prior to the acts, he would often threaten the child that he would stop caring for her, he would punish her or he would forbid her from meeting her friends if she does not comply. Afterwards, he would spend some good time explaining how what he had done was “perfectly normal” and she shouldn’t worry.

This lasted until August 2016, when the child was finally fed-up with the constant abuse and ran away from her home. At first chance she got, the girl sought the help of the police and local Child Protection Services. The story got somewhat of a happy conclusion, as the abuser has been arrested and he will face court for his crimes. Bulgaria, as a democratic republic, condemns all acts of violence, whether it is psychological, physical or of sexual abuse and as a Christian society, completely refuses incestuous relationships, which means that probably, Dimo P. will suffer the full severity of the law.

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