Human Trafficking Canal Busted in Svilengrad, Bulgaria

Under the supervision of the Specialized Prosecution Office, an operation has taken place against a human trafficking canal the members of which were situated in Svilengrad, Bulgaria. Four men have been arrested.

Four men from Svilengrad, Bulgaria have been arrested for running a human trafficking ring in Svilengrad, Bulgaria. B.M. has been arrested as the originator of the cartel, where G.A., K.G., and S.G. were accomplices. According to the revealed information, the trafficking group has been smuggling people from Turkey through the territory of Bulgaria. The band managed to smuggle 44 Iraqi citizens through the border, 14 of which had been under the age of 16. The ring leader and one of the members have been detained, while the remaining two were released under bail.

Through its actions, the Specialized Prosecution Office has managed to break a few similar smuggling rings during the year of 2017, which undoubtedly will have its effect on the security of Bulgaria and Europe in general. Earlier this year a smuggling ring operating on Bulgaria’s northern border was busted and six people were arrested for smuggling illegal Afghani, Iraqi and Pakistani immigrants.

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