An Illegal Kennel has stolen the Peace from Residents of the Village Brashlen, Bulgaria

Over 30 dogs live in a single yard on the “Rila” street in the village of Brashlen, Bulgaria. What is now considered an illegal kennel cannot be shut down, because the house owners deny access to local officials.

The people living on “Rila” street in the Bulgarian village Brashlen have not had a good night’s sleep for over two years. The reason for their troubles is their neighbour Anastasia Kristofani and her Italian husband, who have housed more than 30 dogs in their yard. The dogs are constantly barking and howling, thus disrupting the peace in the village through the whole day. Neighbours complain that during the summer, it becomes even worse, since the heat and the smell of animal excrement attract flies and other irritating, unhygienic insects.

The mayor of Brashlen and officials from the municipality of Slivo Pole have visited the residence of Anastasia Kristofani. Sadly, they have been stopped at the door by the woman and have been denied access to her yard. Later on, she issued a dispute on their decision to remove the dogs based on her statement that they have not performed a proper count of the animals. The mayor of Brashlen is bewildered by these events and says that even though that is an obscene amount of animals, the woman has presented all of the proper documentation for their adoption from a local dog shelter. On documents, at Kristofani’s yard live 31 dogs. To battle the created situation, the local government has approved a restriction of up to 3 animals per household.

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