21-year-old girl threw herself Under a Train near Bourgas, Bulgaria

A railroad accident took place near the “Vladimir Pavlov” train station in the outskirts of Bourgas, Bulgaria. 21-year-old girl fell on the tracks and was run over by a train. The police are still clarifying the reasons behind this unfortunate event.

21-year-old girl from the village of Totleben near Pleven has been run over by a train. The incident took place near the “Vladimir Pavlov” train station in the outskirts of Bourgas, Bulgaria. The girl’s condition is unstable and there is a great chance she might not survive. The train cut both her legs, one of them above the knee and the other right above the ankle. Due to the nature of the injuries, a complete amputation of both limbs was performed. Even though medical workers at Bourgas are doing their most to save the girl, the heavy blood loss has lowered her chances of survival.

The girl’s boyfriend has been arrested at the scene of the accident. He has given a series of contradicting statements about the events prior to the accident and his relations to the girl, where he has even stated that he has no idea who the girl is. The police are continuing with the man’s interrogation in order to clarify the series of events. The police have not yet announced an official version on the case and are investigating all possible scenarios, like an unfortunate accident, a suicide attempt or even an attempt for murder.

(Picture taken from: varna24.bg)

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