More Than 300k. Bulgarians Scammed in the Web

The growing numbers in the cyber-scam industry continue. A recent Gallup International study shows that more than 300,000 people were the victims of different cyber-criminal activities across the Internet. Most of the rackets tend to be based around selling products with non-existent discounts or lower-than-advertised quality. “Cheap” holidays are also a popular hot-spot for false and fraudulent advertising.

Bulgaria and Internet Scams

As we get further into the Digital Age, people are buying products and services that wouldn’t otherwise be available through the internet. And while that has decreased prices and improved the buyer-seller communication, it has also made it easier to scam people. The recent study by Gallup asked Bulgarians on certain hot topics, one of which was related to Web scams.

6% of the interviewed Bulgarians claimed that either they themselves or members of their families have fallen victim of Internet fraud. That would be a bit more than 300 thousand people.

Beware of ordering vacations on the web

Sadly, arranging a holiday in Bulgaria through the Internet may end up being an unpleasant experience. While the country has great ski resorts, there are many dishonest hoteliers. Be vigilant and research your preferred destination and hotel before paying any money.

Alex Dimchev

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